BreakingNews: Schools Can’t Reopened in Two Weeks Due To – Says Minister of Education

Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, the Minister of State for Education, has disclosed that the Federal Government is already making plans to reopen schools nationwide however it won’t take place in two weeks as being speculated in some quarters. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba Speaking at some point ofthe every day briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 on Thursday, Nwajiuba noted that there was once no proper date but for faculty resumption The Minister additionally entreated participants of the public to dismiss rumours making the spherical on social media that the Federal Government would reopen colleges in the subsequent two weeks. According to Nwajiuba, who stated that faculties will be reopened after they are resourced properly. He stated “We all are significantly fascinated in reopening and I trust we will reopen soon. “But I can’t affirm what your teenagers stated that we will reopen in two weeks. “The trouble round reopening has nothing to do with the availability of the schools or not…

America in great mourning after coronavirus killed this man who served 11 different US presidents (photo)

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, a former White House butler, who served 11 US presidents, has died of Coronavirus at 91. Kerman’s death was confirmed by his granddaughter, Jamila Garrett who told Fox News that he died on Friday, after battling the deadly virus. She said “He was a family-loving, genuine man. “He was always about service to others, and it didn’t matter who you were or what you did or what you needed, whatever that he could provide you with. “I want the world to remember my grandfather as someone who was really authentic. “Always being yourself. That’s what he taught our family, that’s what thrives throughout our family, and that’s what we’ll continue to carry on, his legacy.” According to her, Jerman also got to work closely with the Bush family when former President George H. W. Bush came to power in 1989. However, Former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush while mourning his death said Jerman was a lovely man. “He was a lovely man. “He was the first pe…


       This is to properly inform all the Students of Institute of Management and Technology, that the School Management has come up with *_Learning Management System_ *(LMS)* which is commonly known as *Online Lectures* which was the directives from the Federal Ministry of Education in order to engage the Students in academics activities than whiling away time during this *Pandemic period*

       The Online Lectures takes off today being *11th May 2020,* and the Departments and levels  involved for today's lectures are:

Time:     _10AM_
For: *PAD ND1*
          *ME ND1*
         *OTM ND1*

 *GNS 111*
Time:    _10AM._
   For:   *BAM ND1*
              *EE ND1*

     The criteria for logging into the Online Lectures is your Registration Number,  All thanks to *SUG 2019/2…

Ogun state Govt extends COVID-19 lockdown till May 24

The COVID-19 lockdown in Ogun State has been extended till May 24. This was disclosed by Governor Dapo Abiodun at a press conference he addressed at his Okemosan office in Abeokuta on Friday evening. According to Abiodun, he was constrained to extend the current lockdown because of the increase in community transmission of Coronavirus and Ogun resident’s refusal to obey government directives to stem the tide of the virus. “In view of the increase in community transmission and poor compliance with lockdown measures, we are constrained to retain the current ease of lockdown,” Abiodun said. The Governor explained that people will be allowed to come out for essential business activities on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between the hours of 7am and 5pm. Abiodun expressed dissatisfaction that Ogun residents are not cooperating with the government as he accused them of flouting all rules and regulations. He regretted that people still come out of their houses without face masks, while accus…

True Definition Of Love In A Relationship

Finding love can be one of the most intense and invigorating experiences in life. Anyone who's fallen in love with more than one person knows that the definition of love can oftentimes vary from relationship to relationship. The true definition of love may also differ depending on who you ask and where they are in any particular love journey when you ask them. For example, the experience of love can be totally different during the honeymoon phase of a relationship versus after five years of dating someone.

When trying to figure out love, it's also important to consider the fact that we all have slightly different ways of giving and receiving love. A major part of being in a successful and loving relationship is being aware of how you and your partner express love and making adjustments to your love languages when necessary.

Talking about true feelings through text instead of in person.
Being sarcastic
“Yeah, I love it when you talk about your ex-girlfriend.”The first definition …

About 5G Network

5g is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. Large-scale adoption began in 2019 and today virtually every telecommunication service provider in the developed world is upgrading its infrastructure to offer 5G functionality.
The frequency spectrum of 5G is divided into millimetre waves, mid-band, and low-band. Low-band uses a similar freguency range as the predecssor,4G. 5G millimeter wave is the fastest, with actual speeds often being 1-2 Gbit/s down. Freguencies are above 24 GHz, reaching up to 72GHz, whichis above the extremely high freguency band's lower boundary. The reach is short, so more calls are required. Millimeter waves have difficulty traversing many walls and windows, so indoor coverage is limited.
5G mid-band is the most widely deployed, in over 30 networks. Speeds in a 100MHz wide band are usually 100-400 Mbit/s down. In the lab and occasionally in the field,speeds can go over gigabit pre second. Frequencies d…


Now in Nigeria it has been a trend that the business most people want to get their self involve in is any CYBER business. Many young youth really don’t understand what it means to be a yahoo boy. Being a yahoo boy needs to do with how ready you are, what is your status with electronic device, do you know what trends on the internet? Do you know sites to visit for the business? Ok, let me highlight some things you must have before starting the JOB. Or wait, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHO A YAHOO BOY IS? Let me explain, ·An educated person who understand how to make use of the internet for different business purposes can be tag as a yahoo boy. ·A person who has access to some HIGH RANKING BUSINESS/CHAT WEBSITE. ·A person who can manage a social account or website for another person’s/company. ·A person who can do all sort of Online business and still earn more than people who use scam in online business. The YAHOO-YAHOO was mix-interpreted by some Nigerians after so…