Welcome Our Newest Officer - K9 Officer Zoli

The Arcadia Police Department is proud to announce the arrival of our newest Officer. Please welcome K9 Officer Zoli, an 18-month old German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois mix, born in Slovakia. Officer Zoli and his handler, Officer Josh Foulks, will complete training this week. Officer Foulks and Zoli will begin Patrol training and be introduced to fellow members of APD next week. Training has been extensive and was completed through Gold Coast K9 in Moorpark.

It has been over 12 years since the Arcadia Police Department fielded a K9 unit and we are looking forward to this addition to our services. Funding for Zoli and his training was made possible through the Arcadia Police Foundation, founded in 2015.

We look forward to providing additional information on K9 Zoli and the return of our K9 program in coming weeks as Zoli and Officer Foulks hit the streets.

For questions pertaining to the K9 program, please contact Lt. Colleen Flores at 626-574-5156.


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