Weekly Tip - Slow Down!

In 2016, there have been approximately 939 traffic collisions reported in the City of Arcadia.   Of these collisions, unsafe speed was the primary collision factor in at least 137 of the accidents. Traditionally, speed has played a role in a high percentages of collisions, and most recently, speed was indeed a factor in a fatal collision in town.

The fundamental goal of our Traffic Bureau is to seek to reduce traffic collisions through a three-pronged approach of engineering, education, and enforcement.  Our Traffic Bureau continues to take steps toward accomplishing our goal by conducting selective and proactive enforcement of drivers driving at an unsafe speed on certain roads throughout the City. Please SLOW DOWN and Watch Your Speed!

To provide information on problem locations, or for questions, additional information, please contact Sergeant Kollin Cieadlo, Traffic Supervisor, 626.574.5475.


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