Weekly Tip - Temps Are Rising, Watch for Heat Related Illness

Heat waves can be dangerous and it seems the high temperatures have hit the area. A very high body temperature can damage the brain and other vital organs. Some health conditions can make it harder for the body to stay cool in hot weather. These include old age, obesity, fever, dehydration, heart disease, poor circulation, sunburn, or drug and alc*hol use. Our senior population can be especially at risk during times of high temperatures.

Some general tips for all of us to help prevent heat illness may include:
  • Stay hydrated by getting plenty of water to drink
  • Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing
  • Apply sunscreen before you venture into the sun
  • Schedule activities during cooler hours of the day
  • Stay indoors, preferably with air conditioning
  • Take advantage of Cooling Centers
  • Pay attention to friends, family, and co-workers for any warning signs
  • Check in on elderly family and neighbors twice a day during heat waves
Visit the CDC website for additional information and tips.


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