My mind and i

The leader commander of our critical apprehensive device is the brain. It contains billions of neurons each related to different neurons by synapses. They talk thru axons that bring the messages to our body cells. Our mind has particular abilities to accumulate, understand, system and store records.

mind researchers are quite familiar and informed approximately the operations of person mind cells, but, they nevertheless do not understand the manner brain cells cooperate in companies of millions of cells. some would don't forget the mind to be as a organic computer, however this assumption and modelling is a ways from reality and cannot simulate the complexity of the brain.

The simple brain capabilities together with respiratory, regulating heart beats, controlling movement and different fundamental capabilities have been regarded to scientific researchers from fossil statistics first regarded in worms many million years in the past. in view that then our mind went thru evolution tactics of obtaining increasingly more sophisticated functions and unique capabilities. those talents consist of among others emotional, s*xual and preventing behaviors placed in newly evolved brain areas.

The brain needs non-stop deliver of oxygen and glucose for its feature. these needs are supplied by way of the blood device. Our brain wishes its nourishments just like the relaxation of our frame. that is why we feel at our first-rate intellectual feature after a healthful meal or sluggish and tired when we do not consume sufficiently on time or eat unhealthy meals.

Our brain's number one energy source is carbo gas. Our body has the functionality to convert carbohydrates from meals including oatmeal or brown rice into glucose. for this reason, we should generate a each day deliver of about 60% of our energy from carbohydrates.

To build neurotransmitters or chemicals that permit brain cells to speak, our mind needs protein, together with: egg white, seafood or beans. Our frame breaks down the protein into amino-acids which affect our cognition and temper, which include dopamine, which help us to be alert. similarly to protein, our brain needs fatty acids, which can be generated from Omega-3&6 fatty acids, olive oil and entire grain. Our brain also needs more than a few nutrients and minerals consisting of nutrients B, E, magnesium, calcium and iron. To get the ones vitamins we need to eat sparkling meals in numerous hues.

brain ability is unknown. We recognize that our mind have a whole lot of garage ability and processing electricity, but we don't know how to estimate its actual capacity. A famous assumption is that our brain's capacity is 10 times more than every body's estimate.

Our brain consists of trillions of neurons, with a big wide variety of complex interconnections. What vary from mind-to-mind are the varieties of neurons and the specific petrochemical interplay among the neurons. it's miles interesting to notice that the structure of clusters of neurons and their specific interconnections can also have an effect on one's potential to analyze and a power on pace of information and response time to intellectual stimulation.

At birth, our brain may be very plastic, that is, its functionality to technique and keep sensory statistics may be very excessive. Neuronal connections are generated, damaged and regenerated, which indicates that early academic and environmental stimulation are crucial for the kid's evolution. this is the essential duration of the improvement of the child's linguistic, cognitive and social abilities. A classical question is whether the infant mind is empty, a tabular raga, at start. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (fourth century B.C.E.) turned into possibly the first to introduce the tabular raga (clean slate) concept. consistent with the tabular raga idea, an little one's mind is empty of mental content material, as a way to be obtained later with enjoy and notion.

although the 'tools' or the mind cells are already formed at beginning, simplest after gaining revel in will we see the era of neurons' inter-connections. As Aristotle and next supporters of his theory were no longer aware of recent genetic discoveries, the tabular raga theory may not be applicable or conventional as a deterministic legitimate concept. nowadays it is believed that a infant's cerebral cortex is per-programmed to permit the processing of sensory enter, feelings and environmental stimulation.

the writer does not aid the tabula-rasa concept and he believes that there are genetically transferred records or imprints. the ones genetic imprints can also have a clear impact and have an impact on on the child's behaviour or even on its mind's ability to technique and store facts.

In future we should experience direct mind-to-mind transmission similar to telepathy. Telepathy derives from the Greek ('remote revel in') and it's miles a form of mental switch from one mind to another. as it isn't always a definitely reproducible phenomenon, the medical community has no longer reached consensus. Telepathy is well accepted, however, albeit largely used in technology fiction. As many technological know-how fiction situations have become fact in time, but, the writer believes that a few mind-to-brain verbal exchange may be feasible in future. Neuro-imaging is one of the clinical regions in which this form of conversation is being researched and thrilling outcomes are expected.

the conclusion is that instructional methods have to correspond and follow our mind feature and its ability to save data and now not on a dogmatic rigorous unified device as exemplified in most colleges.

We use the word time at once and in a roundabout way very regularly in our day by day communication and all through our lifetime: time is cash, time of existence, time after time, among times, gain/lose time, true/bad time, gradual/fast time, right/incorrect time, before/after time, gift time, past time, real time, on time, right away, kill time, any time, every time, masses of time, timeless, time restriction, time cycle, time cures and time flies... Time is depicted with the aid of artists in numerous approaches, among them the famous 'melting clocks' by Dali. we will distinguish among pure time, relative time and absolute time.

Time size is the unit of time to which all time measuring gadgets ultimate refer.

Time is a factor at or a duration wherein matters happen, a repeated instance of something or a connection with repetition, the nation of things at any duration.

space is that a part of the boundless 4-dimensional continuum wherein depend is bodily as opposed to temporally extended.

Relativity recognizes the impossibility of figuring out absolute motion and ends in the idea of a four-dimensional space-time continuum.

The unique concept of relativity, which is restricted to the outline of occasions as they appear to observers in a kingdom of uniform motion relative to each other, is evolved from  axioms:

1. The law of herbal phenomena is the identical for all observers.

2. the rate of mild is the identical for all observers regardless of their very own velocity.

space and time within the contemporary view are welded together in a four-dimensional area-time continuum. there's no clear distinction between a 3-dimensional space and an unbiased time.

Time way various things to specific 'observers'. this will now not trust the axioms (on which the special relativity idea is based totally) described in advance, at the least not from a psycho-philosophical point of view. these 'observers' can also encompass: humans (human beings), animals, flora, clocks and other beings out of doors our time universe. Time seems to be exceptional for exclusive human beings: age, training, beginning, intellectual level and faith might also all have an impact.

Time appears 'gradual' when we're younger and 'rapid' as we get older. Time appears to be passing quicker while we are taking part in ourselves or whilst we are busy, instead of when we are bored or idle. the description of time-related events within the history of humankind differs in specific cultures. Time is exceptional for animals and plant life as we can see from their lifecycles, behaviour and responses which aren't what we would assume.

Clocks and other similar instruments measure time and have a tendency to be nearly identical in terms of information about it. this is to be anticipated as we designed them keen on the purpose of measuring time described to be steady inside our universe.

Time seems to be continuous, but is it?

We divided our earth 12 months into subsets in distinct units: months, weeks, days, hours, mins and seconds. Scientists persisted the division into one thousandths of a 2nd or millisecond, a nanosecond, which is one thousand millionths of a second, and a p.c. second, that is one million millionth of a 2d (one and 12 zeros).

Time is continuous with respect to our universe and inside it, and it's far relative to our observations. when we look at a moving item among two factors we 'see' it travelling all of the distance among the 2 factors, so we assume that this continuity of remark method that point is continuous. this will not be the case, however, if we carry out our commentary in every other galaxy or in any other size, in which these rules aren't necessarily legitimate. in the virtual domain, rather than the analogue area, we may examine the equal continuity of transferring objects. The time is digitized, however, and among  consecutive time factors there may be a gap of a sure fraction of a time unit, equivalent to the sampling resolution, wherein 'some thing may appear'.

For different creatures those time gaps can also constitute their entire lifecycle, or we may be dwelling inside our time with any other life shape, whose time resolution suits with our 'lifeless times', which are our time gaps. tv is regarded as non-stop transferring photos, while definitely it accommodates discrete person pix, projected at thirty frames (or more) or pictures in step with 2nd.

Time can be measured, viewed and evaluated. The observer's equipment for the assessment of time are his/her senses. regrettably, senses can be fooled. Strobe mild projected onto a rotating disk will generate the phantasm of a nonetheless disk. Are our different observations wrong or at least misguided, then, mainly if we're a small subpart or subspace of a far larger and greater complex galaxy?

within the laboratory, we've got successfully extended and slowed down sure tactics, inclusive of chemical or other natural procedures. these experiments provided the possibility to govern approaches which have been functions of time. positive tactics were efficiently reversed to what they were earlier than, indicating 'pseudo going back in time', which isn't honestly going returned in time, however it looks like it.

The advent of computer systems generated a revolution in time-related approaches and enabled now not handiest the statement of beyond and gift time-associated phenomena, however also predictive tactics, which might be destiny time-structured scenarios.

Time impacts our whole lifecycle, our birth, our life and death. Our coronary heart beats nearly once each second and our internal organic clock operates throughout our existence. If we overturn this clock by flying to yet again zone, our body suffers a phenomenon known as jet lag and it takes some time to adapt to its new circumstance. Time affects most of the processes and phenomena on this planet, a few faster and a few slower. If there are time-unbiased phenomena or a phenomenon that till nowadays has seemed to be unaffected by means of time, then those scenarios have to be classified as 'past, present and in all likelihood future'.

according to Einstein, time is extra like a river, flowing round stars and galaxies, speeding up and slowing down because it passes huge our bodies. One '2nd' in the world is not one 2d on Mars. All materials, consisting of all recognized lifestyles forms and different mass owned celestial our bodies are time-based.

The above cited time associated clinical explanations are fairly contradicted whilst we examine the time associated relationship among brain and i, or greater precisely the mind-Time.

external and internal time dimension in relative to our brain isn't the equal time. The mind's external time is equivalent to the standard time as mentioned above and it is the same to all. but, the inner time dimension is lots more complicated, mainly because it's person.

whilst we sleep and dream, our individual inner perception of time isn't correlated to the external time. we all skilled dreams that can be perceived as hours and extra whilst in truth or externally it took minutes or much less.

Sleep is critical for our brain. We spend about thirty percentage of our existence in sleep. Our survival and nice of lifestyles relies upon on adequate and qualitative sleep. Our each day responses and attention during our various activities are dependent on our sleep. whilst we analyse sufferers with sleep disorders in sleep-labs, we look at the REM (fast Eye motion) which correspond to brain sports in the course of deep sleep and related to desires. In general REM sleep starts after approximately an hour and half after falling asleep. most of our desires arise for the duration of this section of sleep. all of us dream and it takes truely approximately two hours in keeping with night. For us individually the time may also take a great deal more than that. The maximum vivid and actual goals we revel in for the duration of the REM sleep.

at some stage in our lifetime the brain can be exposed to many sicknesses. it's been known for years that Alzheimer's starts in a brain area called the lateral entorhinal cortex (LEC). This place of the brain is taken into consideration to be a major thing responsible of our lengthy-time period memory. Alzheimer may additionally unfold from the LEC to different areas of the cerebral cortex, a brain region involved in spatial orientation and navigation.

We human beings have no longer most effective focus, we also have self-consciousness. The principal difference is that recognition is attention of our body and our environment, even as self-awareness is the recognition of that focus. In different words, no longer only we keep in mind that we exist, however we recognise that we are privy to our life. To be aware is to suppose; to be self-aware is to recognize that we are wondering. Self-attention is attention of me-the "I", my thoughts and feelings.

Now imagine that the mind isn't an organ. believe that we are two beings one is our authentic mind and the opposite is "us" with our self-focus capability and we're speaking with every different.

i'll switch the preceding medical language into our human common and smooth to understand language the usage of metaphors to make clear the problems discussed.

dialogue recording between the two entities "brain and i":

brain: i've wishes, feed me with sugar

mind: understand that for each motion there will be a reaction (remuneration)

I: adequate, i will eat chocolate

mind: thanks, here is your dopamine (remuneration)

I: Wow! that feels extremely good, i'll eat more.

mind: don't exaggerate, I don't want a lot.

At this stage and at some point of comparable communications between the mind and i, if i can forget about or will no longer understand the mind's messages, the end result can be illness, such as diabetes.

brain: if you don't use it you lose it

I: What do you suggest?

mind: area "A" on your left hemisphere is rarely used. You ought to start the usage of it in any other case the chance to get Alzheimer is growing in that location that did not get hold of its essential deliver of nourishments.

I: What must I do?

brain: start solving crosswords, puzzles and brain teasers

The brain needs I to be cooperative in fulfilling its needs, therefore, it releases dopamine throughout s*x as a reward. intercourse can act like an antidepressant and even as ache reliever. Time at some point of intercourse may appear to be extraordinary than the actual time.

recent research using Positron Emission Tomography (puppy) brain scans of patients at some stage in pain stimuli confirmed exclusive brain responses among males and females. numerous areas of male and woman brains responded differently to the same ache stimuli. girl's brain confirmed greater activity in emotion related facilities wherein adult males spoke back within the cognitive or analytical regions. the ones variations may also relate to our evolution procedure and the unique social tasks of males and females.

I(male): She is very s*xy

mind(male): sure she is, so what are you going to do approximately it?

I(male): I want to make like to her, all the time, it makes me sense correct

brain(male): good enough, however be cautious now not to get addictive to s*x.

I(girl): he is exceptional

brain(woman): He might be an excellent husband and father.

I(female): sure, it's going to make me feel satisfied.

brain and i dialogue all through sure medication.

brain: you're ill but i'll contend with you.

I: it is adequate, i'll take my medicine.

mind: No need i'll ship the troops to remedy you.

I: i can take the tablet anyway.

brain: good enough, i am instructing the troops to withdraw; it's your duty now.

in lots of activities we will therapy ourselves without the want of dr*gs intervention. In positive instances medicine might also interfere with our everyday immune gadget or self-recovery.

I: i am worn-out and that i want to sleep

brain: only once I solve the hassle you gave me

I: No, it may watch for the next day

mind: ok

certain brains will hold "operating" and they will disturb us, specifically, "I" in the course of sleep, which we both need. Our brain relentlessly will continue to search for trouble fixing and it could awaken us for the duration of the night.

A commonplace phenomenon is that when one half of a pair that has been collectively for a long term dies, the opposite also dies quickly afterwards. the standard, romantic, explanation is that they loved every different a lot that they could not stay without each other. she or he died from a 'damaged heart', 'couldn't live by myself', 'became dependent on their spouse'.

Is there a correlation between the demise of 1 partner and the subsequent death of the opposite rapidly afterwards?

The speculation is that the preference to live may additionally have a certain impact at the immune machine. The brain this is on top of things of our body can also have a shut-down mechanism, which is activated in certain cases. the ones cases are much like fatal injuries or sure illnesses, where the brain knows that it will now not be capable of cope. This mechanism might also control 'suicide cells'. In recent years, suicide cells or what scientists outline as programmed cellular dying (PCD) has formed the premise for ongoing biogenetic studies. PCD is the demise of a cell that's mediated with the aid of an intracellular programme.

There are three fundamental forms of PCDs. type I cell death is referred to as apoptosis. kind II is autophagic and kind III is necrotic cell-demise. Cells may be killed by means of injurious dealers or be informed to devote suicide. If there's a hazard to the integrity of an organism through sure cells, PCD is wanted to damage the ones cells. regular examples of such instances are: cells which can be inflamed by viruses, DNA damage, cells of the immune device and cancer cells. In positive forms of cancer cells apoptosis is induced by using radiation or chemical compounds used for remedy.

What makes a mobile determine to dedicate suicide?

the author believes that it is the imbalance among effective and poor alerts despatched via the mind. If there may be a loss of the fine signals (no preference to live) needed for survival and/or terrible indicators are despatched which means 'no preference to preserve to stay', the shut-down mechanism can be activated.

There have been numerous reports of cases in which patients recovered miraculously after without a doubt being diagnosed with most cancers. This phenomenon can be defined by using the activation of the PCD mechanism by 'preference to live' advantageous alerts. In a few instances, viruses which might be related to cancers may use hints, like producing a protein that inactivates the apoptosis sign. In such cases the most cancers cells will not most effective keep to stay and proliferate, however they may end up more immune to apoptosis. similarly knowledge of these tricks and decoy molecules generated to protect most cancers cells would enable researchers to reactivate and overcome those protective hints with a purpose to ruin dangerous cancer cells.

the writer also believes that future research on destroying and disposing of cancerous cells is probably applied in  levels. the primary phase would be to differentiate, mark and perceive cancerous cells. In segment  the target could be to set off suicide cells in the decided on area or organization of cells and bypass the present protection of the cancer cells. robust psychological and circle of relatives aid is vital for any such recovery. similarly, the patient need to believe in and desire for a healthy and vibrant destiny.

I: there's no feel to maintain struggling on this existence.

mind: You must trade this negative mindset.

I: I cannot do it; in reality I don't need to keep dwelling

mind: need to I prompt your self-destruction or PCD method?

I: close it down...

Our mind is continuously sending indicators to our body organs and cells, on occasion the signals are needed for our daily functionality, cellular repairs and warnings. If we fail to understand those warning indicators or we ignore them, it could cause sure diseases, addictions and even demise.

This schizophrenic/symbiotic person communicate among "my mind and i" is essential for our brain's wholesome survival. The extra "I" is aware the brain's requests/messages the higher the probability that the mind will function properly and concurrently will satisfy the needs of "I" as nicely


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